Perspektiva Recruitment Agency & Outsourcing Services

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We are licensed Polish Recruitment Agency with minister
of recruitment's certificate which let us mediate in permanent and temporary work in Poland as well as abroad.

Our aim is to recruit professional employees, whose knowledge and experience will contribute to the success of your business.

We have long-standing experience in recruitment and selection
of the best candidates to work at home and abroad.

We specialize in employment service and recruitment of personnel
abroad in the professions:

• medicine - nurses, care, physiotherapists, doctors, pharmacists, etc.
• executives and managers and managing-directors of secondary
   and higher education level, etc.
• the construction sector, steel and petrochemical-engineers,
   operators and programmers CNC, welders, insulators, assemblers
   and construction of steel pipes, steel fixers, bricklayers etc.
• meat industry - butchers
• hotel industry and gastronomy - waiters/waitress, cooks, maid,
   receptionists, charwomen, etc.

We cooperate with partners from:

• Netherlands
• Belgium
• Germany
• Italy
• UK
• Czech Republic
• Slovakia

Do you have problem with deficient of employees?

We are at yours beck and call!

You are welcome to cooperate!